Time Bomb is a game-changer... and a clock-stopper... in the skin care category.

Not ingredient-led, but rather consumer driven, this collection includes category-shattering formulas that make a difference quickly. Ground-breaking products like Complexion Cocktails (the first skin tonics with super-potent, skin-boosting shots) and Collagen Bomb (the first skin fuel that re-energizes and re-activates essential collagen) are radically fresh, innovative solutions to keeping skin functioning optimally.. firing on all cylinders.. so it can look fresh, firm, smooth and radiant at any age.

About Us

Time Bomb is a division of Federici Brands, a privately held company with a long legacy of changing women’s lives with first-of-a-kind beauty products that solve real, unmet beauty needs.

Our founder

Our CEO, Gail Federici (former business partner of renowned British hair stylist, John Frieda and CEO of John Frieda Professional Haircare Inc) forever changed the way hair care products were marketed and merchandised by creating the first complete “prescriptive” ranges to address problems unique to frizzy and blonde hair types.

Now our team of seasoned experts has solved the hair care problem of the decade: how to keep color-treated hair looking “wow!” everyday. Color Wow is the first brand to address every problem associated with color-treated hair.

And developed category-shattering Time Bomb skin care formulas… high-powered fuels, bombs, cocktails…. remedy skin issues and rev skin’s natural capacity to “stop the clock”.

Then, now, and always our mission is to create products to solve the problems that are plaguing our consumers. Our motivation and innovation stems from real needs. At the core of our corporate mission is a simple truth: necessity is the mother of invention